We are a “place where no one is perfect but there is always hope” because we are “helping people know and follow Jesus” for the world’s good.

Our core practices are EQUIPPING our church with hope-filled leadership to engage in GATHERING as the Body of Christ on Sundays, GROWING more like Jesus in groups, & GOING with Jesus into the world for the Beaver Valley’s good.

The easiest way into our church building Sunday mornings is through the large wooden doors on College Avenue at 345 College Avenue, Beaver, PA.

We would celebrate joining you on what is next in the grand adventure of what Jesus makes possible!

Our Sunday School program is at 10 AM (excluding the summer):

  • Little Kids (The Nursery)
  • Older Kids (The Work)
  • Adults (Lower Fellowship Hall)

Our Sunday 11 AM traditional worship service is held in our sanctuary. During the Summer the worship service is at 10 AM. We have a wide variety of people who dress in suits, jeans, khakis, shirts, and dresses. We offer a community where you can be known and contribute in vital ways.

Childcare for little kids is provided in the Nursery during worship. It is staffed by our Nursery Attendant and a volunteer. Little kids can start off in the Nursery, join the Nursery after the Children’s Moment, or stay in the sanctuary. Our Nursery staff will usher our little kids into the sanctuary so that they can participate in the Children’s Moment.

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Our Staff


Tim Goodman

Lead Pastor

Tim and his family’s first Sunday as lead pastor at Beaver UMC was July 1, 2018. This is Tim’s third church.

What do you most enjoy?

I enjoy playing with my kids, spending time with my wife Melissa, drinking too much coffee, and reading books on adaptive and missional leadership, coaching, and emotional intelligence.

Who is the greatest influence upon your life?

I have had the gift of several people at different stages of my life loving, teaching, and inspiring me. Particularly, my parents’ integrity, hard work, generosity, and Christian faiths have most greatly influenced me.

Why does the church matter to you?

The church is the people through whom I came to know and follow Jesus. The church is meant to be the healing and redeeming presence of Jesus rooted in communities where people discover the life-changing love and truth of God.


Sharon Schaller

Music Director

Sharon started as the Music Director at Beaver United Methodist Church in June 2018. Sharon brings many gifts, skill, and heart to leading us in worship on Sundays and music teaching our preschool kids.

What do you most enjoy?

I love being with my family, musical theatre, and doing genealogy. My genealogy has allowed me to meet my dad’s side of the family in Ireland!

Who is the greatest influence upon your life?

I can’t narrow it down to just one person. As I look back, many special people pop into my mind. I feel like I am a mix of so many people who loved me and helped me become who I am.

Why does the church matter to you?

There are many reasons: The church family and community, God’s grace (even though I often feel I don’t deserve it), the reminder to try be a good person with everyone that I have contact with during the week, and the faith that I will see my loved ones who are in heaven waiting for me.


Laura Ellefson

Nursery Leader

Laura grew up in our church and has been leading the Nursery since 2013.

What do you most enjoy?

I enjoy spending time with my family.

Who is the greatest influence upon your life?

The greatest influence in my life has been my parents.

Why does the church matter to you?

The church has been a huge part of my life for years. It's been what's kept me strong and sane through my trouble times. Knowing that there is always people that care about me and appreciate what I do for them. Teaching the children about Jesus has been so fulfilling to me.


Christina Curtaccio

Library Administrator

Christian started as the Courtney Memorial Library Administrator in October 2022.

What do you most enjoy?

I enjoy movie nights with my family that includes lots of butter popcorn. I also enjoy warm summer nights relaxing on my porch.

Who is the greatest influence upon your life?

My husband is my greatest influence. He is so selfless and never hesitates to help people and I always strive to give as much as he does.

Why does the church matter to you?

Church matters because I want my children to grow up surrounded by God, and a church family who can help them grow in their faith and have a sense of community and belonging.



Tammy Walter

Church Administrative Assistant

Tammy and her family grew up at College Hill UMC. We are grateful to have Tammy and her family now at College Avenue UMC since 2020!

What do you most enjoy?

I love spending time with my family, music, walking and photography.

Who is the greatest influence upon your life?

My parents are my greatest influence, they have allowed me to explore the world! They are both hard workers and have shown me how to love and care for others, no matter who they are.

Why does the church matter to you?

Church has always been a big part of my life. I have found that Church is like having an extended family in the community, they are always there to help and support each other.

Board of Stewards


Carmen Romeo (2021)

Pastor (standing)

Tim Goodman

Lay Leader

Sandy DeSalle (standing)

Church Accountant

Kristl Kissick

SPRC Representative

Mary K Brown (2024)

SPRC Representative

Vicki Braund (2022)

SPRC Representative

Frank Ofori-Acheampong (2023)

Finance Representative

Bill Muns (2024)

Finance Representative - Board Secretary

Vicki Braund (2022)

Finance Representative

Darline Reese (2023)

Trustees Representative

Jeff Hamilton (2024)

Trustees Representative

Eric Davis (2022)

Trustees Representative

Tom Yester (2023)

Nominations & Lay Leadership Development Committee

Pastor Tim Goodman (Chair)

Carole Carland (2021)

Tom Braund (2022)

Mary Kay Brown (2023)

Suzy Rabick (2023)

Sandy DeSalle - Lay Leader

Capital Improvement Task Force

John Gump - Chair

Sam Milliken

Penny Battaglia

Phyllis Orchena

Debbie Brewer

Tom Braund

Vickie Braund

Pastor Tim Goodman

Vision Team

Per our church merger agreement, the Board of Stewards has contracted with Spiritual Leadership Inc. (SLI) as a key investment in our church’s future ministry development – https://www.spiritual-leadership.org. SLI uses a 12-month process with local churches to help them develop a team-based approach to ministry development and leadership with the objective of cultivating passionate, spiritual leadership who focus on disciple-making.

Mary K Brown

Mike Dunning

Melissa Goodman

Kevin Walter

Alicia Davis

Deanna Romeo

Pastor Tim Goodman

Paulo Lopes - SLI Coach